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We recently relocated to Brisbane. Still saving your precious memories. Please call  Andrew on his mobile 0417 341 836 for instant service.


Somewhere in your house you probably have a pile of photographic memories, moving or frozen in time – on film, tape, slide or on shiny photographic paper.  

You really want to preserve these precious family memories for future generations to treasure; the problem is how? Your movie and slide projectors are long lost or broken. The photos are all shapes and sizes, scratched, fading and speckled.  

So, it's time to bring this treasured hoard of photographic obsolescence to Filmplus and we will convert it to beautiful High Definition DVDs.   

All of our work is individually handcrafted and done by us at our premises.  You can send us your work  via the post, no matter where you are. 


Take lots of pictures and may all your memories be good ones - Andrew and Fiona.



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Preserving Precious Memories

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